The Whisky Game

an educational fun board game for whisky lovers from all around the world.

About The Whisky Game

The Whisky Game is an educational fun board game not only for whisky connoisseurs. Each player becomes one of the legendary characters in the world of whisky and walks across Scotland and Ireland to visit local distilleries and create his/her own collection of the finest whiskies.

Notice: Playing this board game is definitely a social event, so it is nice to have a sip of delicious water of life with your friends. However, The Whisky Game is definitely not a so-called drinking game. It does not require players to drink whisky at any stage of its tasks.

Features you will play

Playing board

Travel across Ireland and Scotland, visit distilleries and pubs. Use special cards and collect lost distilleries bottles to create the best whisk(e)y collection.

Question card

Question cards are divided into three categories according to difficulty (easy, normal, hard). Each cards contains a question and the right answer - sometimes with additional interesting facts. Answer the question and get a bottle according to the difficulty of the question.

Do you want to test your knowledge and have fun with your friends?

Character card

Each player draws a Character card before the game begins. Every character has a special ability.

Distillery and Bottle card

Did you know the right answer to the question? You get a Distillery card with 1 point for an easy question, 3 points for a normal one or 5 points for a hard one. 

Special card

Whenever you cross the "S" field during the game, you get a Special card. Each Special card gives its owner a special play option.

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