We are delighted that well-known social media personalities have tested our game prototypes and we have received beautiful referrals

"This is not your average board game. The Whisky Game is so packed full of history, industry terms, and legendary people that you will be fascinated for hours. Playing with a group of whisky aficionados is a blast, but I love to take the cards with me when I travel and quiz myself. I recommend this game to all novice and expert whisky lovers, or anyone wanting to learn about Scotch & Irish whisky in a clever and fun way."
The Duchess of Islay
"The true value of a game like this is one that can be played by novice and enthusiast alike, and still be enjoyable for all parties. I played this game with diverse groups of friends and I was delighted with the results. The different difficulty levels mean that nobody is excluded nor bored by the progression, and the multiple choice means everyone can participate. I was delighted that I was caught out on a few answers too, which just means I need to play some more rounds to bolster my knowledge (and playing skills!) Best played with good friends and good whiskey."
Matt Healy (Potstilled)
"I was lucky enough to try out the game during a recent road trip through Kentucky. I was with my friend and cinematographer Brad and, while we were sipping bourbon throughout, our hearts were in Scotland. The game was pretty heated (I won at the end on a question about Irish Whiskey and St. Kevin!… I won’t give the answer here). If you’ve been to Scotland and Ireland (in person or in the glass) this game will take you right back and test you at the same time."
Greg Swartz - The Water of Life
“I had the chance to play this game on a rainy night in. The prospect of drinking a smoky Islay and testing my own knowledge versus my friends and family was really fun. The game was very easy to set up and within a few minutes of setting up we were off on our journey through Scotland’s current and lost distilleries. The questions ranged from easy to hard and the experience was very engaging. We had a few bottles of whisky from the distilleries showcased in the game and had fun actually drinking the bottles when we landed on them. Overall, it was a blast and we’ve incorporated it into our monthly bottle shares at our house with our friends.”
Sarah Jeltema (Whisky Nomad)